Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HOW TO: Optimize Marketing Copy For Mobile

HOW TO: Optimize Marketing Copy For Mobile

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bail Out Chase Bank, and this is the THANKS We GET!!

So I have been unable to access my Chase Bank Account all day today.  I thought it might have been an internal issue at work.  But I get home and still have the same issue!!!

I call Chase bank for an explanation, and some assistance transfering money.  They apparently have been down ALL DAY TODAY!!  WTF!!!

They of course couldn't help me over the phone.  I just have to wait for it to come back up.  They promised me it would be back up tomorrow, but no specific time is mentioned.  This is what there website states in a small hidden link on the Chase Bank site.  

<strong>To our customers:</strong>&nbsp;<br><br>Please accept our apology for the difficulties that recently affected Chase.com.&nbsp;<br><br>Giving you 24-hour access to your banking is of the utmost importance to us. This was not the level of service we know you expect.&nbsp;<br><br>Thank you for your patience and for the opportunity to work harder to serve you in the future.

Thank you Chase! &nbsp;For taking our hard earned billions of dollars, and giving up noting to work with. &nbsp;I appreciate you!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Negative Mojo

I was taught by Linda yesterday that constantly thinking about negative traits, experiances, and plans will only lead down the path of depression. Boosting your confidence with positive traits, knowledge, and thinking more positively will help you grow and succeed in anything you put your mind too.

Monday, April 19, 2010

This Is Apple's Next iPhone

This is freaking amazing. Some drunk individual who is probably in jail, or being beaten to death by Jobs left the prototype in BAR!

Check out this link!
This Is Apple's Next iPhone

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

War Against Integra Telecom

I have worked with Integra Telecom for 3 years, and it has been the worst 3 years of my life. I want to make sure that all of my readers do not work with Integra Telecom. Especially my sales rep Mark Boyson, who promises one thing, and delievers something completely different. I WILL NEVER WORK WITH THEM AGAIN!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Eye Surgery!!

I finally got the eye surgery to help remove a birth mark I had. It was such a big part of my life, and it was removed in 45 mins. LOL. I glad its gone, and hope to look forward, with two clear eyes.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Dick Towel!!

So one of my favorite TV Shows, has a small informercial online. Tell me what you think?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

Recently posted on craigslist In the Portland area (Funny!)

To the woman that crapped in my car. (NE Portland ) We met on Craigslist so I am hoping that this post finds you. I know that it could quite possibly be the most humiliating first date that you have ever been on, but I am willing to look past that. I thought we had chemistry sitting at McMenamins sharing that basket of Cajun Tots while drinking the Terminator Stout. I really felt like there was a connection there.

I found you to be intelligent and witty and looked forward to further conversation with you. At some point in life, everyone has gambled on a fart and lost.. It just happened to be on a first date in the passenger seat of my car. Please don't feel bad. The package I sent you with Pepto the next day and the note that said "First dates are always a crap shoot. Call me" was meant to be funny, not offensive. I have gambled on a fart and lost on multiple occasions. The first time I did it was very memorable. It happened when I was five and sitting on my uncle's lap. I am lactose intolerant, but love cheese. I probably win 95% of the time, but I don't think anyone wins 100% of the time. That's why they call it "gambling". I'm the last person to judge you for crapping your pants. In fact, I am impressed by your boldness. The timing on the other hand, could have been a tad bit better...like when you're not sitting on a heated leather seat... What I am trying to say is that I f you want to go out again, I would be more than happy to take you someplace where we can get a meal that is high in fiber and less taxing on the digestive tract.

I await your call,TadP.S. - If you shat yourself on purpose to end the evening early. Touché

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Janesville Motel 6

My brother's amazing Motel 6 property in Janesville Wisconsin.  Tell me what you guys think!

Im Back...

I'm Back!!  After a very long vacation, I will try to make an effort to commentate on our lives.  


Just watched WATCHMEN.  Very good, very surprising ending.  I must say that the full frontal nudity was not plesant, but the story was excellant.  I would totally recommend it to any one of my friends.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nilay Patel

"What error?", "my life is an error", "it should have been an abort error"

Rave's Amazing Work!

Rave's Amazing Work at the Motel 6. The rooms look great, and Rave's Hard work finally is being shown off.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Amazing Life of Mark Browning

Installed Vinyl Siding
Clean Office Buildings for FREE
Picking Rocks as a kid
Plays Guitar from Mexican Guy at 15
Log Mill Worker
Running Fork Lift
Maid at Jackson Hole
Mission to Phili
Speaks Spanish and Portugese
Stock Boy at Grocery
Amazing Snowboarded at 15
Skater at 10
Dollar Rental Car
Starbucks (doesnt Drink Coffee)
Home Depot
Delivery at 4 different flower stores
AE (American Eagle)
Window Washing
Screen Printing
Team Manager
Motel Desk Clerk

Monday, December 31, 2007

AN OLD Family Photo - FOUND!!

hey, my cousin from London found this picture, and I thought it was amazing! Check it out. It is a picture of my grandmother, and her sister. The little girl, is my oldest aunt.


Damn its almost been a year. Check out these cool pics

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

India Day 27 – Enchilada’s in INDIA??

Well I have seen it all. Today my family was invited to my cousin’s home to have MEXICAN ENCHILADA’S. What my cousin’s did was buy the tomato sauce, cheese, and beans from a local city. The corn tortillas were brought over from America, and I must say that they were very delicious. The sad thing was that it all reminded me of home.

India Day 27 – I’m done packing!!!

Finally after a long day of traveling to other cities for last minute shopping, my bags are packed and I’m ready to be in Salt Lake City. Can you tell how excited I am?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

India Day 27 – 1 DAY LEFT!!!

All that we are doing today is prepping our bags, and cleaning our house and getting it ready to be closed for a year or so. Since we leave around 1 or 2 p.m. on Wednesday, most of the prep work will have to be done today.

Monday, January 22, 2007

India Day 26 – My long lost 2nd cousin from London!!!

So, before the end today, my cousin and my grand aunt came by to visit our home. It was fun seeing Nilisha and my aunts from London. Check out the photo.

India Day 26 – 2 DAYS LEFT!!!

Today we went to Anaad to pick up some items that the tailor had made for my father and my brother. On our way there, I was curious, about the Super Bowl, and who had won the NFC & AFC Championships. So, I decided to call Harley and find out who won. Harley was glad to let me know that the Bears won, and the Colt’s won. It will be an AWESOME SUPER BOWL!!!

After talking to Harley for a minute, he notified me that he was being called to duty in Iraq. He will be leaving for training in June, and be off to Iraq in September. I am still kind of in shock over the news, because he will be my first good friend to be leaving for Iraq!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

India Day 25 – 3 DAYS LEFT!!!

Did absolutely nothing!! We stayed home for the day, and invited my parents friends over for lunch. Afterwards, about 3 hours later, my Sangeeta Mami & Papal Mama came over to check out our new house. Afterwards, we went to a near by temple, and picked up some souvenirs. Basically, I was in bed by 9 p.m., woo hoo!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

India Day 24 – 4 DAYS LEFT!!!

WOOOHOOOO!!! Only 4 days left. Can you feel my excitement?

India Day 24 – Found Another Suit

When we arrived yesterday night, my cousin’s wife Amisha, told me that the tailor had called her to tell her that he didn’t have the fabric for my suit, and so we had to go back and pick up another fabric so that it can be ready for me before I leave in 4 days.

As we went back, we were all so frustrated with this tailors work, and I decided to ask for our money back. I was going to deal with the fact that I didn’t have a suit for myself, and probably go back to America and buy one there. But my brother saw another tailor across the street, and mentioned to me to go and see if he can help me out.

Thanks to my brother’s keen eyes, the other tailor was willing to help me, and guaranteed me the suit in 2 days. Oh, I forgot to mention that he told me that he would make the suit for me for ½ the price the other tailor had quoted me.

Friday, January 19, 2007

India Day 23 – Flat Tire #3

Yes you heard me right, ANOTHER FLAT TIRE!! That’s number 3 for our car, in the past week. That just shows you that the roads here are horrible. Luckily, we had fixed our spare tire, so we were not stranded.

India Day 23 – Rave PUKING?

We left early Friday morning around 8:00 a.m., grabbed a cup of chai (Indian Tea) and headed back down the mountain. Since no one was on the road we arrived at the bottom of the mountain in 1 hour. Unfortunately, with the bumpy roads, and only tea in his stomach, Rave needed us to pull over so that he could throw up!! He was fine, he was just in the back of the SUV, sleeping, and with just a few cups of chai in him with no food, he had to puke it up.

There is nothing more to this story, but I thought I would just mention it to piss Rave off. HAHAHA

Thursday, January 18, 2007

India Day 22 – Ambajhi & Mt. Abu

We started off on our 8 hour journey to Rajasthan, an neighboring state. On our way to Mr. Abu (Resort Town), we stopped by a town called Ambajhi, which is known for a large and well know temple. We arrived there around 1p.m., unfortunately, they do not allow pictures of the temple, mainly due to security reasons. But if I can find images online, I will post them with this blog. Our next stop was Mt. Abu, approximately 30 km away.

Now you would think that since our destination city was 30 km away, we would arrive there within 20-30 minutes, I wished it to be true. Unfortunately, the 30 km involved a SUV ascending up a one lane road to the top of a mountain top. With absolutely no guard rails, no median, and only one mountain wall to the right of you, and a LARGE GAAPING CLIFF to the left of you. I have to admit, I was so scared that I had to put myself to sleep. As we arrived at Mt. Abu 2 hours later, I was glad to have my family around me ALIVE and viewing the beautiful city of Mt. Abu. Check out the pictures below.

India Day 22 – Flat Tire # 2

Before our trip to Mt. Abu, our driver called us to notify us that we had a flat tire that we will be leaving an half an hour later than planned. Luckily it happened in our hometown instead of on the road.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

India Day 21 – Anaad (Wrong Suit for me)

So I arrived at the tailor with my brother, father, and bhabhi (Amisha). When the tailor presented me with the suit, my suit’s fabric was completely wrong. COMPLETELY WRONG. Luckily we have corrected the problem, and he stated that he did make the mistake and that he will get me a new suit in 3 days.

India Day 20 – Nikhil’s surprise attack!!

While nearing the end of Janku’s wedding, Nikhil (My Cousin from Los Angeles, Age 25) was asked to a family friend. As I was sitting with my friends and other family members, we all noticed that after talking to the group of people for 15 minutes, Nikhil and another girl approximately the same age started walking to the other end of the wedding hall. As we all stared on, we knew exactly what was going on. He was being setup for a wedding interview on the stop. From afar, he seemed to be having a good conversation with the girl, and they sat talked for about 30 minutes. As he was done, he walked over to our group and said “That was a Surprise Attack!!”

India Day 20 – Rave steals the Jaan’s (Groom’s) Shoes

The following story may take a while, but it is REALLY FUNNY!

A really quick history about Indian wedding’s. Every wedding comes with a lot tradition. For example, the bride’s side usually pays for the wedding, along with paying for the wedding, they are asked to provide the groom’s side with any facilities that they need. May it be food, drinks, chairs, napkins, basically while the wedding is going on, the brides side is suppose to make sure that the groom’s family members are all well taken care of. Well one of the fun games of an Indian wedding is where the brides family members are suppose to steal the groom’s shoes. Yes you heard me right, STEAL HIS SHOES!! This tradition takes place when the groom is supposed to take off his shoes when he enters the altar, and stays barefoot for about 3-4 hours. Typically the shoes are given to the groom’s best man, and his other best friends for safe keeping. All the while, the brides side is suppose to find the shoes, and steal them.

Now the story takes place during Janku’s wedding. It was about 6:00 p.m., when the wedding started, and the Jaan (Groom) took off his shoes, everyone’s eyes were on that prize. Typically the person who recovers the shoes hold them for ransoms for a certain amount of money, not for a lot of money, it’s more for the fun of the chase. As the shoes were removed they were placed in a white bag, and given to the Jaan’s brother. After a few minutes the bag was given to the groom’s grandmother in the first row. Typically, this is not common; usually the shoes stay with one person the whole wedding. And if they are given to someone else, it is someone of younger, healthier stature. When the bag was given to the grandmother, I guess they were thinking, “Who would steal it from our sweet grandmother?” I guess they thought wrong, because all of us were conniving ways to steal the bag from the grandmother.

Around 8:00 p.m., we decided to send our troops in to help do our dirty work for us. Our two agent’s names were Aneri & Sejel Patel. Both of my cousins walked past the bag around 8-9 times, always hesitating to snatch the bag, because they didn’t want to be caught with nothing in the bag. After some encouragement from some other people, Sejel went to the grandmother and leaped for the bag. As she grabbed the box from in inside the bag, 3 adults, including the Jaan’s mother started attacking Sejel with tickles and pinches. When Aneri saw that, she jumped into pile to try to help her cousin. As we all stared on in amazement, Sejel’s older brother Hiren saw the commotion, and went into the dog pile to help steal the shoes. After 30 seconds of tugging back and forth, the Jaan’s brother asked us to stop the fighting, and then told Hiren to open the box, if the shoes were in there, he was welcome to take them. As Hiren opened the empty box, my brother Rave was watching in disappointment from one row back, behind the grandmother.

As Rave watched all the chaos in front of him, he noticed that the people sitting next to the grandmother were moving the shoes. They had separated the shoes from the box, and they were shifting them from one person’s back to another person’s back. After moving the shoes to an elder gentleman, at the end of the bench’s, Rave stood there pointing at the man from behind his back. Now, no one had noticed this, everyone’s eyes were still in the large dog pile. As I turned my head from the dog pile to Rave, I saw him leaping into the elder man’s seat. I didn’t know what was going on, but 5 second’s later, my cousin’s Jigu & Tejel, were in the same fight, even though no shoe was yet to be seen. About another 10 seconds later, my cousin Hiren jumped into the new fight. A few second’s later I saw Jigu come out with one of the two shoes, as he clutched the shoe he started running the opposite direction of the tugging match. About another second later Rave had recovered the other shoe, and he was also running the opposite direction of the fight with the shoe as if his life depended on it.

As we all laughed and cheered in enjoyment, I knew this had to a great story for my BLOG!! Check out these pictures… LOL

What did you think? I hope it made sense.

Monday, January 15, 2007

India Day 19 – Soniya Leaves

My sister left for America today, almost 10 days before we are leaving on the 24th of January. She had to get back to Logan, Utah, so that she can get back into class. The weird part was that typically people are said to leave there family and vacation behind, but Soniya was happy and eager to be headed back home. And shhh!!, don’t tell anyone else, but I was kinda envious. All she would repeat to me and Rave, was that as soon as she landed in Salt Lake City, she was going to Taco Bell. DAMN YOU SONIYA!! I LOATHE YOU!! (j/k)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

India Day 18 – Utrang (National Indian Holiday) (Kite Day)

Today was the National Indian holiday for Utrang, also known as Kite Day. It is a HUGE holiday. All the local shops are closed, due to the fact that the business owners are at home with there families flying kites from dusk until dawn. While people are flying kites on there roofs, people usually rent large speaker systems and play music for the whole town to listen to. I really was amazed at the age gap of people flying kites, from young 1-2 year olds, to 40-60 adults.

I must say that I really suck at flying kites, and can admit to the fact that I flew 1 successful kite for the complete day, compared to Rave and Soniya’s 20 kites each. Check out the photo’s below.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

India Day 17 – Hanging out with Cousin’s & Naked Man

After our traditional house blessing, my cousins and us left the house to hang out at a local city. As we were driving to the other city, we noticed a completely NAKED MAN walking the streets in the opposite direction. Now typically a naked man would hide in the bushes, or at least try to hide his shame, but that this specific guy. NOPE!! He felt so secure with his masculinity that he walked down the street with his head held up high!

After that unusual sight, we went to a local pharmacy to pick up an Asthma pump for my brother. Luckily in India you don’t need a prescription to pick up any sort of drug at any time. After the pharmacy we went to my cousin’s house and flew kites on their roof. Check out the photo’s below.

India Day 17 – Spoke with Teri & Flynn

Flynn (Friend/Boss) called me today to see how things were going on my trip. It was good to hear from him and Teri. They said that they missed me, but I really do think everything is fine down at Integrated. Maybe I should stay one more month, what do you think they would say? LOL

India Day 17 – Khatha

Since our house was completed a few days ago, we had to do a traditional house blessing. Usually my father and mother do the blessing, but they decided that we kids (Rave, Soniya, & I) should do the blessing. It basically involved sitting Indian style on the marble floor for two hours while the priest does his thing.

Check out the photo’s below.

Friday, January 12, 2007

India Day 16 – Guru

We watched a new release movie named Guru at a local movie theater. It was very nice, it felt as if I was watching a movie in America. The only difference was that in India, it is ok to yell at the movie theater. You can yell if you enjoy an actress, or if you didn’t like a certain line in the movie, basically anything you do in the theater is OK!! It was amusing and a unique experience!!

India Day 16 – Last Minute Shopping for Soniya

Since today was Friday, and my sister was leaving on Monday, my sister got in her last minute shopping. We picked up bangles, and shoes from different bazaars. I seriously am getting tired of shopping here in India. I just want to go home.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

India Day 15 – Flat Tire?

I gotta say that ever since my mom’s friend Meera was in the car with us, we have two car problems. Could she be cursed, because this afternoon, we had a flat tire in the middle of a LARGE congested street.

On our way to the train station to drop off my mother’s best friend Meera, our family car got a flat tire. Now typically in America we pull over the vehicle to the shoulder and control the problem in a safe location. NOT IN INDIA!! Because all my driver did was stop the car, and started to fix the flat tire, while a horrendous traffic circled us.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

India Day 14 – Accident on the Highway

While we were driving back from Surat, our driver Khaibhai was swerving in and out of traffic, so that my aunt could get to a train station on time. Around Varodora, the vehicle had cut us off, and then immediately braked his car to a complete stop. Now one thing to remember Seat belts are only available for the driver and the passenger next to the driver, which was me at this time. Any one sitting in the back of the vehicle usually doesn’t wear a seat belt, and typically nothing really happens. But when the vehicle in front of us stopped, our Khaibhai immediately stopped the car, but unfortunately he didn’t stop our car in time, and slammed our car to the one in front of us. As we sat there for a second, everyone was ok, and then the car from behind slammed into us and completely ruined his car. Luckily everyone was okay, even my brother who was sitting in the back of the vehicle, with no seat belt on. As we pulled over to the shoulder of the highway, a police officer stopped by to see if everyone was ok, and then moved on his marry way!!

Check out the photo’s below.

India Day 14 – Movie call Dhoom 2

We just got out of a Hindi film called Dhoom 2. It was a movie that was released about a month ago, but with all of traveling, and other pertinent things that needed to be done, today was the only time I could catch a movie here. The movie is a great action movie, and a lot of twists and turns. The most surprising part about the movie is that two of the BIGGEST ACTORS in the Bollywood business KISSED!! Now, I won’t say who, but I was in complete shock!! Check out the poster below for the movie.

Monday, January 08, 2007

India Day 12 – Spoke with Linda & Flynn

Around 2 am in the morning my father walks into my room and hands me the phone. I seriously thought it was a dream but apparently Linda was on the phone for me. She stated, LOL… that she was very sorry for calling so late, and was wondering what I was doing. I said that I was sleeping, and that it wasn’t a problem. After a few minutes of talking, she handed the phone to Flynn (Friend/Boss), who had some questions about work.

Friday, January 05, 2007

India Day 9 – Club Squeeze

After a speaking to the concierge desk, he recommended that we all go to Club Squeeze on Friday Night, and go to Club Enigma on Saturday Night.

India Day 9 – Trip to Mumbai

Now I know you’re asking what we need for the past five days, absolutely nothing but shopping for Indian cloth’s mainly for my sister. Mainly for the purpose of having them tailored before we went on our trip to Mumbai (Bombay) on the 5th.

We arrived extremely early at the train station to meet our cousins. We took the 6:00 a.m. train to Mumbai, which would allow us to arrive there at 2:00 p.m. Luckily we all had an A/C Coach ticket, which means that we all have individual reclining seats, with Air Conditioning all the way to Mumbai. The trip was quite comfortable, and we didn’t have any problems coming in and out of the train station.

We arrived at the Grand Hyatt at 4:30 p.m., checked-in and went to dinner at Pizza Hut. Now remember how I mentioned how bad the driving was in Ahmedavad, well multiply that situation by 5, and add in the fact that we are in Rikcha’s the whole time. You will then notice the fear I was facing every time we are driving in Mumbai. When we arrived at Pizza Hut, we found ourselves in familiar grounds with new twists. We couldn’t find any pizzas with sausage, or pepperoni, only chicken. And all the pizza had a curry taste, which if you are Indian was DELICIOUS. Seriously one of the best meals I had here in India. After we got back to our hotel, we all took showers and got ready for a night of clubbing.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

India Day 4 – Jigu’s wedding

The wedding was fun. Especially since I haven’t seen one for 12 years, it was fun getting use to the cultural aspects of the wedding. Check out the pictures below to see what had happened during the wedding.

India Day 4 – Lunch with the Indian Soprano’s

After speaking to my cousins, we realized that we had to be in the bride’s city at 9:00 a.m. Oh I forgot to mention that bride’s city was Ord, the same city that I met Pooja, and her elders, the Soprano’s. We hung out at the groom’s quarters where we sat there until noon, we then left him to go have lunch that the bride’s family hosted for us. The lunch was held at the local temple.

While we were eating lunch Rave noticed that one of the Soprano brothers was lurking in the background, staring at me. I noticed him and kept on eating. Then my brother noticed another two other Soprano brothers in the opposite corner. As we quietly ate, one of them came closer to me to say hello. I greeted him with a smile, while in my mind I was praying for a quick and painful death. While he was chatting with me, he had noticed that I hadn’t tried a specific kind of sweet treat, so he pointed to it on my dish and DEMANDED ME TO EAT THE FOOD, he didn’t ask, HE MADE ME EAT THE SWEET. I stared at the sweet, and then looked at all my cousins who were looking at me in anticipation…………..

As I chewed on the piece of sweet I thought about how my life would have been if I had said yes to Pooja. It would have been a life full of servitude to people who think too highly of themselves. Anyways, as we were finishing up eating, the same person came and told my cousin Hiren to eat the same item he asked me to eat. As we all smiled in enjoyment, he ate it and under his breathe he said “Thank You Nilay.” As for some reason I had made this all happen. Then my brother asked for an item from the waiter, and the Soprano uncle yelled at the waiter to make sure we got what we needed. As my brother received his food, he also whispered, “Thank You Nilay.” We quickly finished up and left to meet up with the groom for the wedding ceremonies.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

India Day 3 – Vharghodo

We went back to Sunov to help do a Vharghodo for the Jigu’s (Groom’s) side. A Vharghodo is where a group of 100-200 people, tell the city (Sunov) of the grooms side that the groom is ready to get married. The communication is spoken through a marching band and a group of singers that sing current pop hits while the 100-200 people dance and sing. Check out the pictures below.

India Day 3 - Two Quick Girls

The next morning I had to be up early to meet with two different girls in two different cities. The first appointment was at Ord with a girl named Pooja. When my driver took me to the place, I found myself in a Large Mansion like home. Outside sat five large men, all dressed in different attire, but one stood out as the Don. When I greeted these people, it felt has if I was walking in to the Sopranos. And the head person, Pooja’s father was Tony Soprano. Here I met with the father ‘Tony’ and the 4 different uncles. Luckily my parents and my siblings were there to help out the situation. After chit chatting with them for 5 minutes, they decided we should all leave and go to there second home where Pooja was sitting and waiting for me.

Come to find out that this family owns a large tobacco company, where they sell packets of chewing tobacco to the country of India. They had a lot of money, A LOT OF MONEY, on the way to the other home; it felt like I was in a police escort. People stopped, and stared at me from all different directions. When I finally met Pooja, we talked for about 5-10 minutes, and I realized that she wasn’t interested in helping our family grow and expand our home business. She was too use to the fact that her father had handed her everything in her life, and that she wasn’t use to manual labor. So I left knowing I was going to say no to her and her family.

The next girl I met, I actually don’t remember her name either, but we literally met 30 minutes after I met Pooja. She was nice, but I didn’t feel the click that I imagined I would feel when all this was going on. When we left, I went home and took a nap for 2-4 hours and got ready for the Vharghodo.

India Day 2 - Jigu’s Garba

We arrived in another city ‘Sunov’ for my good friends pre-wedding dance night, also known as ‘Garba’. It was a gathering of family, friends and other people. We danced our night way, with everyone and just mingled. Check out the photos.

Friday, December 29, 2006

India Day 2 - Some Random Girl

One girl comes to my house to see me. I am really annoyed for the fact that I have only been in the house for less than 12 hours. The entourage arrived at 10 a.m. When they arrived I couldn’t tell which girl was the person I was supposed to meet. It included one mother, one father, one uncle, one grandmother, the bride to be, and a cute little girl. When they arrived my parents mingled for 10 minutes and then decided to place me and the lady in a separate room so that we could talk.

I was very nice, and I asked her about 10 questions, all in English, but of the general knowledge of America, her education, and hobbies. After I was done drilling her, I asked if she had any questions for me. Apparently she was too nervous or I was too hideous, but she said she didn’t OUT.

We walked out of the bedroom in 2 minutes, and the family left 2 minutes later. I was relieved to know that my obligations with my family were done for the day.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

India Day 1 – A Series of Unfortunate Events!!

Stench of Death – As soon as I land in India, and walk out of the plane smell B.O., and the famous line from Seinfeld, “The Stench of Death!”

Time of Arrival – We arrive in Bombay at 2:30 a.m. on the 28th of December, after a 24 hour flight. My whole family is exhausted and ready to get home and sleep. The one catch was that we had to grab our bags, and transfer them to another airport for a domestic flight.

2 hours to receive bags – The temperature must have been at least 80-90 degrees in the airport, with absolutely no fan or A/C running at all. Our connecting flight at the other airport was at 6:30 a.m. We had plenty of time to grab our bags and transfer them to our connecting flight. UNFORUNATELY our bags arrived in a 2 hour span. We had received our bags by 5:15 a.m.

Indian Customs – With our bags in hand we needed to go through the dreaded Indian customs. The Indian Custom Agents were known for there tendency to ask for bribes or take away personal items of yours. Typically the process takes about 30 minutes and usually involves a pain staking ordeal where they open your bags and pick through everything you own.

But with the help of my uncle and $200 American dollars, we were able to get through customs with absolutely no hassle.

Jet Airways fiasco – As we exited the Custom’s department, we typically hand our bags over to a Jet Airways office, and they are then in charge of transporting our bags and us to the other airport. BUT, the local office at the airport had decided to take there one and only bus and send it to the other airport without all of its passengers. So, we were left at the airport to find our own transportation to the other airport with our 70 lbs bags.

Rikcha’s – I wonder if anyone has ever seen a Rikcha. It’s basically a tri-cycle with an motorcycle engine attached to it, I also call it a Death Trap. Well in our party from Los Angeles, we had about 15 people, and about 30 bags. Since there was no transportation from the Bombay Airport to the other local airport, we had to take these rickety old things to the airport. Now, typically these vehicles can barely hold 2 large bags, but since we were in a time restraint, we just found different way to slam all the pieces of luggage on to 6 different Rikcha’s. Since it was a huge scramble, everyone took 2-5 different bags, including hand carry’s on the rikcha’s. I was chosen out of the masses to go by myself in the rikcha to the other airport, with 4 bags, and two carry-on’s. As I was alone in the car with the driver, I realized I didn’t know how to speak Hindi, only knew how to speak Gujrati. I was so screwed.

Late Arrival – We arrived at the other airport at 5:45 a.m. Our flight left at 6:30 a.m., and we still needed to check-in our bags, and get through security. As I arrived at the airport, none of my family members were around me, and the Rikcha driver wouldn’t help me with the bags, so I was forced to find 2 luggage carts, and throw 4 bags on the two hand-bags. All the while, the driver just watched me in amusement. So as I getting into the airport, I was heading for the security screening where I met up with the rest of the family. A few of them had left to the ticketing counter to ask about departure times and where to check our bags. Hiren, Rave, & Me rushed the bags through security in a record 3 minutes for 22 bags, and 16 hand carry-on’s. Only to find out that we were to late to check in our bags because this certain airport has a policy, for individuals to check-in 2 hours prior to lift off. Since we had 30 minutes left until our flight left, our only other option was to re-schedule our flight for a later time during the day.

From 6 a.m to 4:55 p.m. – You heard me right; we were stuck at the airport for 10 more hours. I don’t know if you have ever been stuck in an airport for that long, but it is RIDICULOUSLY boring, absolutely nothing to do. Also, the airport wouldn’t let us check in our bags, since the flight was so far out, that we had to keep track of our on bags. Check out the photo’s below.

Indian Toilet’s – This is a warning to all my bloggernite’s, the following subject matter may seem graphic to a few, please skip this section, if you are of faint of heart. I’m sure I haven’t told you all but Indian’s are known for there toilet systems. What they consist of are large holes in the ground with foot pedals on the ground. There is no such thing as toilet paper here in this country, all there is a water spout and a bucket. The idea is to squat and do your business, and fill water up in the bucket and clean your self with that. Since it had been 30+ hours since I had last used a bathroom, I knew I had to use one, and it wasn’t going to be pretty, luckily I was well prepared with my own packet of TP. As I walked into this little stall, I found the floor to be very wet, and the aroma was something I will never forget. I must admit, I almost fell a few times due to the wet floors, but I did my business and was out of there in 30 second’s. Never again will I do the dirty business in the public area’s. I will have to hold it for 48 hours if I have to, but I will do it in the peaceful surrounding of my home.

Clipper Lounge – My cousin, and my brother were the only one’s nearest to my age. We were all really exhausted and were looking for a drink. So around 2 p.m., we started scouring the airport for a bar, or a lounge. Luckily we asked a few people that they stated a place that would be of some interest to us, call the Clipper Lounge. It was located on the first floor of the airport. Since the airport seemed like one large floor, we searched the complete area and couldn’t find the restaurant/lounge. As we asked more and more people, everyone would state that the bar is on the first floor. After 20 minutes of searching the first floor, we decided to go upstairs, and we noticed that the second story of the airport was called the 1st floor!!! Ask we walked towards the Clipper Lounge, we were giddy with excitement for an opportunity to drink alcohol. About 45 minutes in the lounge, and 2 drinks per person later, our total bill came out to be $100!!!! But it was worth all the trouble.

Driving in Ahmedavad – When we arrived in Ahmedavad, at 6:45 p.m., we were greeted by my father, and a few of my cousins. We all traveled in two cars to our destination an hour away. When we got on the roads in India, we noticed that it was complete and utter CHAOS. I was completed scared for my life, the whole drive. Cities in India do not have signal lights, road signs, traffic courteous, or painted roads (To help distinguish boarders between the two sides of traffic). So when were headed home, I was so scared for my life, along with my brother and my sister, I just made myself go to sleep.

Home Sweet Home – We arrived at home at 8:45 p.m., the exhausting travel time was almost 48 hours long. But I was glad to be in India.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Rise of Taj

Hello All!!

I just went to go see National Lampoons, Van Wilder - The Rise of Taj. I tried to go to the movie to help support a fellow DESI (Indian Person). But unfortunately, the movie was horrible. If you guys are up for a good original movie - GO WATCH BORAT!!

Rave Rafting??

What has the world come too? I forgot to place these images online 4 months ago, but my brother Rave and my friend Cameron went to Jackson Hole to go White Water River Rafting on the 4th of July. As you can see the two of them are hard at work... HAHA. All I know is that the two of them had a blast rafting the river.

A Website Everyone must check out...

Hey I found this website a few days ago, check it out. Its pretty cool and I think a little but of a stress reliever too.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Death Star

So for my friends B-Day everyone in our company went to a restaurant names "El Chiwawa". At the restaurant, they served a mean ass drink named "the Death Star". Now I do recommend this for anyone looking for a wild night of drunkness. Ask for Vic, he is the owner, and long time party promoter of the Chiwawa.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Halloween Party

Hello All,

I am glad to say that I am 2006, IES Halloween Costume Party - Best Costume Winner!! OOOHOO!! Now it was a stiff competition, but I did come out ahead. Keep an eye out for this post, I will have pictures up soon.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Life = Busy

Life is has been good, and yet very busy! I'll post some stuff in a few days.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Chalk Festival

I have officially finished my first attempt at the Utah Children's Foster Foundation Chalk Festival. It was hot, but a lot of fun. Look over the images and let me know what you guys think.

Also, if you have any ideas for next year, I am up for anything. Just send me a comment.